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1.25″Φ/Small Pro Series Designer Modular Moss Poles for Plants

1.25″Φ/Small Pro Series Designer Modular Moss Poles for Plants

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Introducing our Pro Series designer moss poles—crafted for plant spaces with resort-grade elegance. The unique design, screw-together feature, and optional base stake ensure easy assembly and superior stability.

Lovingly engineered and manufactured in-house, our stackable, extensible totems are printed with durable PLA for long-lasting beauty.

While the longer production time and material cost contributes to a higher price tag, these sturdy poles provide a durable, long-lasting home for plants as they mature.

ULTRA durable, these poles can be stacked to 6-8ft or more! Pair with the foot (base anchor) for maximum stability, ideal for supporting the growth of Monstera, climbing Philodendron, and more.

Diameter options: 1.0”, 1.25”, 1.5”, 2.0”, 3.0”, 4.0”
Pole length: 7.9”
Nominal diameter: 1.25"
Actual diameter: 1.38"

Choose between the FOOT anchor or STAKE. The FOOT anchor offers enhanced stability and is perfect for re-potting when planted under the root ball.

Included in starter kit:
1x 7.9” pole
1x lid
1x base or foot

Retail packaging not included.


We manufacture moss poles in different styles, check out our store for larger and other totems! (See images in listing for different families). Please contact us if you need something custom!
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